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New version of the VIC registry site

In my (very scarce!) free time I have completely rewritten the site that hosts the registry for the VIC 1001 and VIC 20. If you’re interested in the technical details, the previous site was written from scratch in php, while now it’s based on the Laravel framework.

Besides the different “engine”, the new site brings some improvements for the users and under the hood. Here’s what’s new:

  • you can (finally!) edit your profile;
  • a new page lets you view in a thorough way all the details of a single VIC;
  • the registry table is now full width;
  • revision of all the texts, some descriptions of the VIC details are more precise;
  • rewritten some help text on the “add your VIC” page;
  • added a page with some statistics for the data in the registry: VICs location, motherboard type, country of production;
  • the filter you choose on the registry page is shown more clearly;
  • added some information about privacy;
  • added a contact me page;
  • registration now needs a confirmation of the email address to avoid mistakes and spam.

The accounts have been migrated on the new site; all the users need to request a password reset (Login › Forgot Your Password?) and click the link in the email.

As for privacy, the summary is: registration data, VIC data and cookies are only used to make the site work; there is no tracking or profiling.

The new site is available at the same address of the previous one: If you didn’t already, register and add your VICs! The more, the better :-)

If you have some suggestions, add a comment or contact me.

Commodore 64 (1982)

Commodore 64

About a year ago I bought this Commodore 64 from eBay US. I got it cheap because the seller didn’t advertise the fact that it was a “silver label”, and there were 4 pictures of the (not so good-looking) box before seeing an actual photograph of the computer. So I was the only person who bid on the item! It’s a bit yellowed on the right side and a most of the hooks are missing on the back, but otherwise it is in good working condition. Continue reading

Commodore MPS 801 (1984)

Commodore MPS 801 - front

I don’t usually care about printers: they take up precious space (especially the office/business ones), there are tons of models and most of the times they’re just rebranded items.

But there are a few printers that deserve some care, mainly the early ones or those that made us print the first happy birthday card for a friend. Continue reading

Commodore VICMODEM (1982)

Commodore VICMODEM

It’s quite impossible to collect all the peripherals that were produced for the Commodore computers, but a few of them are worth searching for because they mark a milestone in the history of home computing. The VICMODEM is one of those peripherals: it’s been the first modem to cost under 100$ and the first to sold over a million units, contributing to the diffusion of online services and BBSes outside laboratories, universities, big Companies and military agencies. Continue reading

Commodore Amiga 1000 (1985)

Commodore Amiga 1000

Today, July 23rd 2014, the Amiga turns 29: it was presented in 1985. That year my parents bought a Commodore 128, while my first Amiga, model 500, arrived in 1988. As always I won’t discuss the technical details of this revolutionary computer, but I will pay my tribute with a set of photographs. Continue reading