Commodore Tape Recorders

Commodore Tape Recorders

I’ve finally finished and published a project I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last year: a booklet that presents all the tape recorders used or produced by Commodore for its 8-bit computers.

For each model there is a description, the known variants, a short data sheet, the manual cover and of course a picture.

Commodore Tape Recorders is available for free in PDF format in the shop section of this site.

Commodore Tape Recorders

2 thoughts on “Commodore Tape Recorders

  1. Chris Hunter

    Just a thought, but tapes went through a sticky phase …

    ie: the formulation was changed for the better, but it turned out not to be for the better … something to do with long into short, or short into long, molecules …

    anyway, the outcome was that tapes became, after some time / years very sticky, so that they dragged on the guides & clogged the heads …

    our 1980s hifi became unusable because of this – they squealed & tapes slowed to a halt … nobody knew what the problem was, we even changed motors, etc, but no cure !

    not all tapes have the problem, depends on the formulation, but think it depends on time of production, not brand – our hifi tapes were all top-quality …

    solution is simple – dry the tapes, very gently, before playing …

    anyway, few people seem to know this, so thought it worth mentioning, in case it helps anyone …

    more detail here :




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