Commodore Tape Recorders

Commodore Tape Recorders

I’ve finally finished and published a project I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last year: a booklet that presents all the tape recorders used or produced by Commodore for its 8-bit computers.

For each model there is a description, the known variants, a short data sheet, the manual cover and of course a picture.

Commodore Tape Recorders is available for free in PDF format in the shop section of this site.

Commodore Tape Recorders

7 thoughts on “Commodore Tape Recorders

  1. Chris Hunter

    Just a thought, but tapes went through a sticky phase …

    ie: the formulation was changed for the better, but it turned out not to be for the better … something to do with long into short, or short into long, molecules …

    anyway, the outcome was that tapes became, after some time / years very sticky, so that they dragged on the guides & clogged the heads …

    our 1980s hifi became unusable because of this – they squealed & tapes slowed to a halt … nobody knew what the problem was, we even changed motors, etc, but no cure !

    not all tapes have the problem, depends on the formulation, but think it depends on time of production, not brand – our hifi tapes were all top-quality …

    solution is simple – dry the tapes, very gently, before playing …

    anyway, few people seem to know this, so thought it worth mentioning, in case it helps anyone …

    more detail here :



  2. Gabriele

    Non sapevo niente di questo blog 2.0
    O forse me ne parlasti e non ho recepito a dovere. L’età avanza. ^_^
    Aggiungo nei bookmark. Lo sai che sono un tuo fan. :)

      1. Gabriele

        Pensavo avessi smesso di curare un blog, dato che il “vecchio” non era attivo come un tempo. Adoro le tue foto degli esplosi. Sto recuperando il tempo perso leggendo tutti i post. ;)


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