Sega Light Phaser

Sega Light Phaser (1986)

The cable of this Sega light gun for the Master System was damaged right under the grip: to repair it I had to teardown the entire unit. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

To repair the cable, I just shortened it by cutting out the damaged portion, then I soldered back the four wires to the board.

Sega Light Phaser cable


Here’s the inside of the gun after the small repair.

Sega Light Phaser


The last screw is under the label, so to teardown the gun I had to carefully remove it. To ease the operation, I warmed it up a bit with a hairdryer.

Sega Light Phaser teardown


I checked my repair by playing Operation Wolf… the light Phaser is fully functional, but my wounds were lethal. I am finished here.

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