Commodore TV Game 3000H (~1976)

Commodore TV Game 3000H

For a short period, like many other companies, even Commodore sold a version of the classic Pong – at least here in Europe. When Atari released the VCS in 1977, all these games quickly disappeared.

This item comes from the UK; all the labels are written in English and German, as are the two instruction manuals. It is in good condition, and after a thorough cleaning the plastics were white again. To control all the games, the system offers only a slider that moves the classic bar on screen, which using some imagination (remember that we are talking about almost 40 years ago) became a tennis or football player. I had to clean the sliders with some deoxidizing spray to make them work well.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Controller

Up to 4 people can play simultaneously: one slider is on the console, one is directly connected to it with a wire, and the other two can be connected on the back, where there’s a port to connect the optional gun/rifle (which has the dedicated game “Target”), the jack for the 9v power supply unit, and the cable to connect the system to a tv set. The sound effects come from the internal speakers.

Commodore TV Game 3000H

The games are so easy to play that even my wife – who doesn’t like videogames and isn’t used to modern controllers with 10 buttons, analog sticks and d-pads – enjoyed a tennis match.

The next picture shows the available games: Target, Tennis, Football and Squash.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Detail

The power supply unit is the original UK/240v one. The declared output is 6v, but the user manual says that it should be 9v; the console can run even on batteries (6 x 1,5v AA).

Commodore TV Game 3000H - AC adaptor

Here’s a top view of the TV Game 3000H:

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Top

The back of the console:

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Back

The battery compartment is on the bottom:

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Bottom



One player. Needs the optional gun/rifle. You have to hit the target bouncing on the screen.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Target


Two or four players. One player on each side, you score a point when your opponent can’t hit the ball.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Tennis


Two or four players. The aim is to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Football


One or two players. Both on the same side, you have to hit the ball in turn.

Commodore TV Game 3000H - Squash

Further reading

Since I couldn’t find the manual online, I scanned the original.

Commodore TV GAME 3000H English manual (pdf)

If you need more information, I suggest the TV Game 2000K/3000H page on The Secret Weapons of Commodore site.

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    Hello, I have a commodore TV game 3000 H and I’m looking to sell it. I wondered if you could point me in the right direction of where I can sell or even how much I could sell for.
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