Sony Hit Bit HB-75P (1984)

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P

One of the few MSX of my collection. The computer was quite dirty, but since the internal components were tightly fitted, I didn’t want to disassemble it completely.

Here’s the dust under the keyboard:

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P - dirty

I patiently cleaned every key… it’s a hassle but it’s always worth it.

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P - keys

Unfortunately one filter capacitor blew out and I had to review my decision not to disassemble the computer. I usually look for those filters before turning on a 30 years old computer, but this time I didn’t think about it.

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P - RIFA filters

Since I had to take apart the computer to clean its components after the explosion, I took the pictures for the teardown view:

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P - teardown

The European version of this model (the P in the code means PAL) has a SCART video output.

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P - views

Sony Hit Bit HB-75P

4 thoughts on “Sony Hit Bit HB-75P (1984)

  1. Jimmytvf

    How did you remove the arrows from the keyboard? I also have a HB-75 and the arrows doesnt work very well

  2. Giacomo Post author

    I disassembled the entire keyboard, you just need some patience :-)
    The black frame of the keyboard keeps the cursor keys in place. Once you remove it, you can easily remove them. Your problem is probably related to some dirt in the four buttons, you can try to use some compressed air.

  3. Dave

    Warning… compressed air cans may cause static charges when the air is forced out of the plastic tube/nozzle. Not good for chips!
    Also the air can get very cold, causing thermal shock. Use sparingly.
    We also used grounded vacuum cleaners as part of dust removal process in our workshop, to prevent static.


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