Commodore Tape Recorders


A booklet about the tape recorders used or produced by Commodore for its 8-bit computers.



Commodore Tape Recorders shows all the cassette drives that were used with the Commodore 8-bit line of computers: from the first one in the PET 2001 case to the model 1530 that many of us used to load games on the Commodore 64. The models are presented in the most probable chronological order, with an image of the device and scans of the manual covers. Known variations and technical specifications are shown for each model.

Language: English
Pages: 28

This PDF is also available in Italian.

Commodore Tape Recorders


  • Introduction
  • PET 2001 Cassette Drive (Sanyo)
  • PET 2001 Cassette Drive (CT-1020)
  • PET External Cassette
  • C2N Tape Cassette / C2N Cassette Unit
  • C2N Cassette Unit / C2N Datasette Unit (Taiwan)
  • C2N Cassette Unit / C2N Datasette Unit (Japan)
  • 1530 Datassette Unit (Taiwan)
  • 1530 Datassette Unit (Japan)
  • 1531 Datassette (Japan)
  • 1531 Datassette (Taiwan)



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