Sega Master System (1986)

Sega Master System

Once a month I go to a local flea market where sometimes – not very often – I find something on the junk dealers’ market stalls. I have “rebuilt” the complete system in two months: the first month I found the main unit, a broken control pad and the power supply unit; the second month, from the same seller, I got the light phaser, a working control pad, and a classic cartridge of Sonic The Hedgehog.

The console seemed not to be working; but after leaving it on for a couple of minutes and cleaning the contacts of the cartridge connector, the game’s initial startup screen appeared.

Sega Master System - motherboard

The main unit is quite simple: top case, motherboard and bottom case.

Sega Master System - exploded view

Apart from some scratches due to use or careless storage (it was kept in a box with a walkman and some other junk on top), the system was in good condition and just needed to be thoroughly cleaned.

Sega Master System - Light Phaser

Sega Master System - control pad

On the back you can find the audio/video, antenna and power connectors.

Sega Master System - side and back

The diagram on the front reminds you to insert the cartridge or card before turning on the unit.

Sega Master System - instructions

To get more information about the history and technical details of the console, you can read the Wikipedia article.

Sega Master System

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