Acorn Electron (1983)

Acorn Electron

I have to thank my English aunt for this computer (she shipped it to me in Italy) and one of her walking companions, the original owner. Some time ago I received an e-mail from my aunt, who wrote “I think you will be amazed by what I have”, and included a detailed list of all the items she was given: the computer in its original box, a tape reader, magazines, games, books; the box arrived a few days later… and I really was amazed!

Here’s the computer box: the vertical layout is quite unusual.

Acorn Electron - box

The items are neatly placed in a polystyrene container.

Acorn Electron - box content

The computer was in excellent condition, but anyway I disassembled it to do the usual cleaning and to take a picture of every element:

Acorn Electron - exploded view

The motherboard is quite compact:

Acorn Electron - motherboard

On the back there’s an expansion connector, while on one side there are connectors for tv antenna, composite video, RGB video and tape recorder.

Acorn Electron - back and side

Even the manuals and introductory tape are in perfect condition.

Acorn Electron - manuals

Besides some tapes that were included with magazines (and the magazines themselves), I received several original games and programs: Arcadians, Boxer (the game in the first picture), Picture Maker, Business Games, Meteors, Chess, Hopper, Tree of Knowledge and Podd.

Acorn Electron - tapes

The mains adapter obviously has a UK connector, but I used a common travel adaptor.

Acorn Electron - mains adaptor

Here’s a detail of the keyboard:

Acorn Electron - detail

You can read more about this computer, a cheaper version of the BBC micro, in this Wikipedia article.

Acorn Electron

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