Capacitor list example

Capacitor lists

Since March 2024, when I need to replace the capacitors on a board, I create a document with the board layout and the specifications of each original capacitor.

I know that there are already capacitor lists for the same boards available on the net, but they’re often missing important details by reporting capacitance and voltage only.

When I was looking for the specifications of the original capacitors that I removed, I found that most of them are “general purpose”, but some are low impedance, or long life, or low leakage current; maximum operating temperature can be 85 or 105°C; sometimes capacitors are close to other components and the diameter can’t be bigger than the original (most of the time modern capacitors are smaller anyway)… it’s not just capacitance and voltage.

I also create and share a project on the Mouser website so that you can add all the capacitors to your shopping cart with a single click. I’m not affiliated with Mouser in any way. If you reach a quantity of 7 to 9 for an item, try to make it to 10: most of the times you will save a small amount of money because you’ll reach the next (lower) price range.

Please use the contact form to report any error.

The PDFs are licensed via CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Available downloads

Apple Macintosh Classic Analog Board 630-0420-240V

Mouser project (89b7edd2d3)

20240319 First version

Apple Macintosh Classic Analog Board 630-0525 (240V)

Mouser project (A4A2E914C6)

20240330 First version

Apple Macintosh Classic Analog Board 630-0560-240V

Mouser project (27b8777098)
Note: identical to 630-0525, there was a temperature difference (85 vs 105°C) on one capacitor only. I put the higher temperature version on both lists.

20240328 First version

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